Therapy Offer

The Therapeutic Direction and Accompaniment is done by me personally.
I am a Doctor for Natural Medicine licensed in Egypt, and Naturopath in Germany with over 27 years experience about Natural and Energy Medicine.
My Therapies are all Methods of Natural Medicine, Information Medicine and Individual Mental Coaching.
The Information Medicine serves to solve old structures and patterns and is therefore mostly the basis for the healing of chronic diseases.

1. Single Sessions of 1 hour (Examination and Therapy)
2. Accompanying Therapies of about 20 min
3. „Weeks of Health“ with the QHC during your holidays. This is an Intensive Week with Single Sessions and Mental Coaching.
4. Individual Mental Coaching in the powerful nature according to your personal needs (3h unit).


Aims of the QHC

Health Balance in Life
Cell Vitalisation & Anti Agiing
Reconvaleszence after and during Diseases
Therapy of Chronical Diseases
Accompaniment in old Age
Healing the Burn out Syndrome
Recovering after Difficult Phases of Life
Coaching in all Psychical Conflicts (Separations etc.)
Personality Strengthening