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Queen Health Center (QHC)

in Dahab/ Egypt/ South Sinai
Alternative Medicine & Vitalisation
Balance of Body and Mind
Natural Medicine & Information Medicine



Dahab (translated gold) is a small town in the desert, located directly on the Red Sea with the world`s most beautiful coral reef on the Gulf of Aqaba, furnished by the Sinai Highlands with the Holy Mountains (Mountain Moses with Santa Kathrin Monastry). If you have a clear view, you can see Saudi Arabia from there. The place is 90 km north from Sharm el Sheikh with the international airport.
In addition to the native bedouins, people of different countries, languages and religions live together in peace . The kitchen is multicultural. Vegan and Vegetarian cuisin, fresh fish and Smoothies are part of everyday life here. Year-round stable climate with sunshine and pleasant water temperatures characterize this place.

The QHC is located about 1km west of the central Lighthouse Beach





„ The pure and powerful environment literally sucks you in and connects you to your Original and Cosmic Energy. You finally get the Chance to live your Essence. The Light, the Silence and the Clarity bring you back to your Origin and center your Mind.“

The QHC offers you a Therapeutic Accompaniment, if you want to use this powerful Energy Point of the earth for your own Transformation and Healing.