Mental Coaching

The Mental Coaching arises according to the individual needs, by accompanying and personally looking after you for a few hours during the day in powerful nature in your everyday life or in your leisure program.


Mental Coaching on Tour like Snorkeling, Hiking or Biking

1. We go Snorkeling at the most beautiful places around Dahab (Bannerfish Bay, Lighthouse, Eel Garden, Islands, Canyon, Blue Hole etc.)
2. On a Sunrise Hike in the Desert up to the Mountains Sinais
3. On Bike Tours around Dahab with the visit of the Mineral Lake at the Lagoon.
4. On a Coastal Walk to Abu Galum to a camp north of Dahab. This can be combined with Snorkeling in Blue Hole (day tour from 6h) you have to be a good swimmer for Snorkeling.

In Mental Coaching with Sport, you can strengthen your Personality, exactly where life shows you your own mirror.

(3 h units: 1100 Egypt Pound / 60 Euro payment in advance (without taxi fee)